Brian Austin Green Says He and Megan Fox Might Get Back Together in the Future: ‘Never Say Never’

Brian Austin Green Says He and Megan Fox Might Get Back Together in the Future: ‘Never Say Never’


The news of Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox breaking apart shocked all their fans. The couple decided to end up after being married for 10 long years. Also, they had three kids together. They didn’t get divorced as they wanted to remain united for their kids. However, there is a probability that they might get back together. Never say never.

Never Say Never: Brian Austin Green

During an Instagram Live on August 29, Brian was asked if things could work out between him and Fox. Brian replied ” I never say never”, which somehow created curiosity about their relationship. He further added ” I kinda feel like people are on paths in life and sometimes your paths are together and you travel that path together and you see eye to eye and then, sometimes paths do different things. We had an amazing 15-year relationship. We have three beautiful kids”. 

The actor, moreover, explained that they shared a lot together and went through a lot together as well. ” So right now our paths are different and she is on her path doing what she feels she needs to be doing to be happy and I am on my path doing what I feel I need to be doing to be happy and it’s not for a lack of love for the kids or lack of being responsible, it’s really important to take care of yourself. It’s important for us as parents to take care of ourselves. I wish her all the best and I wish myself with the best as well” Green expressed.

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From everything he said, we can assume that the couple, even though distant, is on a good note and might get back together if they are destined to be. 

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