Xiaomi’s new smartphone with under-display camera: Launch next year

Xiaomi, the Chinese giant is on a roll. With a slew of smartphone launches as well as other electronic gadget launches, Xiaomi is going from strength to strength. The company recently announced that it intends to mass-produce smartphones with under-display cameras.

Why does it matter?

Simply put, everyone likes a change. After years of smartphones featuring obtrusive or punch-hole notches, and pop-up selfie cameras, under-display cameras are a fresh breath of air. With smartphone manufacturers aiming for an edge-to-edge display, this is definitely a welcome change.

Xiaomi recently revealed the under-display camera tech through its YouTube channel. This is actually Xiaomi’s third-generation technology, with the first two generations never making it to mass-market.

The Tech:

Xiaomi says that the selfie camera works through the gaps in the display’s sub-pixels. Red, green, and blue dots combine to make each pixel. It also says that the camera has the same pixel density as the rest of the screen. One can’t be able to find the difference, except for when viewed meticulously.

Performance-wise, Xiaomi assures that the under-display cameras will match the traditional front-facing cameras.

Xiaomi has also said that the area above the camera will match the brightness and color accuracy as the rest of the display. Although, the type of display or its resolution hasn’t been revealed.

Competition Check:

Smartphone manufacturers have been teasing under-display cameras for quite a time, but we’re yet to see them.

Case-in-point, Oppo showed a working prototype of the same at MWC, Shanghai, but the camera seemed pixelated compared to the rest of the display. Similarly, Vivo’s plan of showcasing its smartphone got scrapped due to the coronavirus.

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Expected Launch:

Xiaomi may not be the first to introduce this technology to mass-market as ZTE’s Axon 20 5G is said to be launching on September 1, 2020. While we don’t expect Xiaomi to arrive before 2021, it could very well have an edge, if the technological claims are indeed true.



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