The best controllers for Nintendo Switch you can buy in 2020


There is no doubt that the Switch marked the return of Nintendo. The portable gaming device took the market by storm. And why not it provided some good new games mixed with a couple of classics. Yes, you aren’t getting some intense games like the ones on play station or Xbox, but who cares Switch is cheap, portable, and has Legend of Zelda.

Now, one thing which most switch users can agree is that the joycons aren’t exactly good. They are great for multiplayer games but they aren’t great for more demanding games. So here I am compiling a list for you which contains all the best Nintendo Switch controllers that you can buy in 2020.

The best Controllers

  • Hori Nintendo Switch Battle Pad This controller is one of the best budget controllers available. The reason behind its low price is that it isn’t wireless. But if you can overlook that little thing, you have one of the best Switch controllers ever. It has a very comfortable grip, large D-Pads, and is available in five different designs. The biggest downside of it is that it is wired.
  • Power A Wireless Cube

    If you are a GameCube fan, you are going to love this controller. Some buttons have been added and the D-pad and the shoulder buttons have been enlarged to provide a better gaming experience. It has excellent battery life. However, do keep in mind that it uses AA battery to work.

  • 8BitDo Sn30 PRO+- Again, this controller is going to be loved by all Nintendo fans as it is quite similar to the Super NES controller. This controller has some interesting tricks up its sleeve. It has motion control, rumble variation. But the best feature of all is that it can be connected to a lot of other devices apart from Switch. You can connect it to your PC, android, steam, etc. The only downside is that its battery life is short. And also some people might have problems with the unusual button configuration.
  • Power A enhanced Wireless Controller- This controller is one of the best Switch Controller ever made. It has motion control, great battery, an LED to indicate when the battery is low, great design, and some extra buttons. However, this controller also uses AA battery which is not good because it adds to the cost of a controller
  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller- This first-party controller is the best controller for Switch. Nintendo has added quite a lot of great features to its controller. It is amiibo compatible has HD Rumble, motion control, and can be easily charged by the included USB C to USB A cable. But the biggest downside is its price. It’s quite expensive when compared to other controllers. And that makes it quite hard to recommend it to someone.

These controllers, according to me are the best Switch controllers available in 2020.


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