SURPRISE FOR MONSTER HUNTER WORLD PLAYERS!!! Fatalis is back again, Iceborn story and more..

Fatalis is back again and fans can’t believe it!

Capcom is going to release the final update for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne on 1 October.

They have announced the return of the great, the black, the slick, the sly, the one and only Fatalis. For those who do not know, Fatalis is a classic MH dragon who gained a lot of popularity among the players.

Players admired the gameplay, graphics, and the design of the fire-spitter. What makes Fatalis stand out is its humongous size and scaled body.


In Monster Hunter World, Fatalis is a special fight. It seems like a hybrid of an arena battle and a spectacle of something like Zorha Magdaros. One can take on Fatalis with weapons like Dragonaator, cannon, and Ballistae. Fatalis comes with new resources too. Hunters can convert them into weapons and shields.

To fight Fatalis, players need to cross the Iceborne story and Alatreon Investigation.

With all that said, it’s hard to ask for a better final monster to add to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. It will definitely be a great challenge for players, but from what was teased by Capcom, the rewards are sure to be worth it.




“We decided we wanted to show Fatalis off for the first time in a while. As you expect from bringing something out from the past, the old assets were dated and kind of hard to use, even after touching them up in CG. So we decided to properly recreate Fatalis for the 15th anniversary. It completely went viral on the internet. It was a huge hit. And we thought, ‘okay, we can’t put this in the game now.’”, said, director Kaname Fujioka.

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After the success of World and Iceborne, Capcom is undoubtedly interested in continuing Monster Hunter on other platforms. There are chances that we’ll see a Switch announcement to follow Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, or even a next-gen installment with PS5 and X Box Series X fast approaching. The PC success of World should also ensure that the platform isn’t left out of future releases

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