Recent Jaguar F-Type R Drag Races BMW M8 Competition, Gets Destroyed

The $103,000 Jaguar F-Type R is now revised, glancing arguably adequately than ever and loading additional common power. But the elderly model was never decent at earning races. Has that shifted for the 2021 model year?

The New Model

We’re getting on to disclose that out utilizing a timely race against the BMW M8 Competition, an all-wheel-drive nightmare that desires no overture. To the tone of some epic music, Motorsport Magazine puts this slight circumstance up, and it’s not a quarter-mile one.

The 2021 F-Type headlines pictorial updates that have demonstrated dubious. We think it’s a new peek, but some folks have occurred unwilling to the modification. Regardless, nonentity can disagree about what’s transpiring under the cap.

The F-Type R is nonetheless powered by the 5.0-litre supercharged V8, but this has leaped in capacity to the outcome of the old SVR. Actually so, BMW’s twin-turbo 4.4-liter gives rise to 50 further hp and provides its torque improvement effortlessly. For the ahead pair of years, it’s lived rumored to be budgeted with the British denominations, but it hasn’t transpired previously.

The Competition

Interestingly, straight though the BMW is an extended 2+2 amenity coupe, it’s just 25 lbs enormous. Accomplishes this fiddle a fraction in the consequence of the breath race? Not truly. The hugest crisis with the Jag’ is the absence of a reasonable liftoff supervision strategy. Through the main few moments of the race, the M8 Competition just rides away from its competition.


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