OPPO partners with América Móvil to enter the Latin America smartphone market

OPPO partners with América Móvil to enter the Latin America smartphone market

Recently a major deal has been brokered in amongst two of the world’s biggest communication providers. These two corporations are namely Oppo and America Movil. These belong to two completely different parts of the world. They may have a lot to benefit from each other.


Launched in 2004, based out of Silicon Valley, California Oppo is a Chinese company. Owned by BBK electronics. Engaged in the sale of smartphones, smartwatches, audio devices, and various other tech-related products. It is a massive success story. Since 2016 it has been the largest smartphone manufacturer. In addition to having massive production, it also has over 200,000 retail stores. In other words, it’s a colossal corporation.

America Movil

Founded in 2000, America Movil is a Mexican telecommunications corporation. Based out of Mexico City, Mexico. It is the world’s 7th largest mobile network operator. It operates in various South American countries.it is quite popular in Latin America. Despite being one of the most popular telecommunication providers in South America, America Movil does face certain challenges. One of the biggest being the presence of Huawei. Huawei, has been present in South America since before Movil. This helps in Huawei having a big following. Partnering up with Oppo might help Movil take up the challenge presented by Huawei.

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America Movil’s general director Carlos slim

 A Strategic Partnership

America Movil’s influence in South America might have attracted Oppo. Therefore, it has partnered with America Movil to enter into South America. Latin America offers a huge market for telecom. Moreover, this will also help Oppo expand its services in relatively developing parts of the world. Oppo already has partnerships with more than 80 network operators all across the world. It is a quickly expanding company. It seeks to dominate the world market as soon as it can.

Marcos Linares, deputy director of marketing at Telcel, said “America Movil is an industry’s leading multinational network operator. We believe that the collaboration between America Movil and Oppo will bring more innovative products and services to the Latin American market that will allow users to enjoy the best experience and feel that the future is today.”

Importantly this partnership will allow Oppo to reach places and cities which were left relatively untouched by other corporations. not many companies seek to invest in Latin America due to the instability associated with it. This major and brave move by Oppo might help it in overtaking its long time competitor Realme. Which has been in the game for much longer than Oppo? despite being geographically apart these two companies coming to work together is representative of many things. Firstly it shows the extent to which globalization has impacted the world. Secondly, this coming together will provide opportunities and jobs to Latin America. This might prove to be a major benefit as this region faces frequent problems. The expanded economic activity might prove to stabilize the region and make it more attractive. Finally, this a big move by Oppo, it might pay them rich dividends in the future.

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