How to blur your background screen during a video call on Skype?

About Skype

Skype is one of the applications that provides video chat and voice calls options through the internet. This can be connected between computers, tablets, mobile devices, the Xbox One console, and other smartphones. Other than this, Skype offers instant messaging services, video conference calls. Skype is being used by 660 million users until 2015. As we all know, all registered users of Skype have a unique Skype ID and will be added in the Skype directory under a Skype username. Through Skype, one can chat with other users instantly. Voice chat helps in making telephonic calls between pairs of users. Skype provides text chat client icons, emoticons, saving chat history, and altering of previous messages. Skype provides the Online Numbering service that makes Skype users receive calls on their computers.


Procedure to blur the background:

The new background blur mark can be now seen on almost all desktops and laptops with its latest version of Skype. There is a simple toggle by which you can blur out the background. Blurring out can be set as a default for all video calls with the help of Skype’s settings.

Blurring out background actually has another benefit where Skype allows you to focus only on you. This actually detects hairs, hands, and arms. So, now Skype call is as easy as you regularly do with the added benefit of blurring out the background.

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To get the background blur effect in your Skype calls, please drift over the “Video” button in the Skype call. There will be a pop-up that will be shown above to “Blur my background”. Kindly select it and then Skype will spontaneously flip over your video where you become focused and back. Many Skype users like this as this is very useful for them to hide the unwanted background disturbances.

By following the below steps, one can set the background blur option.

  • Install the latest version of Skype on a laptop. The latest version can easily be downloaded from the website.
  • Initially, start a video call with someone. This can be done by following the 3rd point.
  • Three icons will boom up at the bottom of the video call. The first one is available for “Microphone Settings,” the second one is available for “Video Settings,” and the third one is an “End Call” button.
  • Click the “Video Settings” icon.
  • After the “Video” icon is clicked, a small “Video Settings” menu will appear.
  • The “Blur my background” option will appear at the bottom of the “Video Settings” menu, and it will look a bit like the below picture.
  • You can use this button to click background blur on or off at any of your feasible time.

Once practiced, it is just as easy as you use any option in Skype.

Hope this article helps you in knowing how to use background blur effect on Skype and how it helps to edit unwanted background disturbances during official meetings and other similar office works.

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