DSLR- Meaning, how to use, and DSLR cameras under 50000


DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex. DSLR camera is the most popular and standard choice of everyone so far. Let me tell you what the full form of DSLR stands and work for.

Digital means that the camera has the digital sensor, making it the best quality camera.

The single-lens means the camera has the same lens for shooting, focusing, framing and for photography.

Reflexive is a system where a mirror splits or directs the incoming lights towards the optical viewfinder. It allows you to see the exact optical, clear view of the scene.

The above written part is just to inform you that DSLR is one of the best cameras to use for a photoshoot, or vlogging etc. Using this camera, it will make the user look more professional.

How to Use

Probably there might be many who wish to buy a DSLR camera or many who have bought but don’t exactly know how it works. So here are certain tips to make a check and know how to use, basically the internal part.

Illustration on how a D S L R camera works

When you open the camera and find a good view, you just focus to that point/ view. The light hits the lens from the front which shapes it to a form, a photographer desire. When this happen, it encounters the main mirror which then reflects it upwards to the viewfinder. A pentamirror or pentaprism (you might have heard what these are in your physics classes). The reflection through the pentamirror directs it to the viewers eyes.

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Therefore, the photographer is able to see the view as it is but in a better way.

Best DSLR cameras under 50000

One needs a camera in life to capture some great moments in life like graduations, birthdays, weddings etc. Hence, DSLR cameras are the best for shooting these pictures for remembrance, as they provide the best picture quality.

Companies which promote and have the best DSLR cameras are Canon and Nikon. But again, price matters allot. In order to buy a good DSLR camera within a good range, here are some good DSLR camera which comes under 50000.

  1. Canon EOS 200D II- it’s the beginner level camera, having 24.1 MP, APS-C CMOS sensor, 5fps continuous shooting speed.Canon EOS 200D Mark II - Photo Review

It is user friendly, has good image quality, is quick and accurate AF, 9-point AF system and 4K video recording.

  1. Nikon D5600- it is beginner lever camera, having 24.2 MP, has APS-C CMOS sensor, 5fps continuous shooting speed.Buy Nikon D5600 with AF-P 18-55 mm + AF-P 70-300 mm VR Kit with Bag and 16GB Memory Card Free Online at Low Price in India | Nikon Camera Reviews & Ratings -

It is decent AF system, has touchscreen interface, its Snapbridge needs work and is 1080p video.

  1. Sony Alpha A68- it has 24.4 MP, APS-C CMOS sensor, 8fps continuous shooting speed.Sony Alpha A68 (ILCA-68) Price in India, Full Specifications, Features - Gizbot

This camera values for money, it has over sensitive shutter release, has high quality electronic viewfinder, but it has poor quality LCD screen.

  1. Canon EOS 750D- it has 24.2 MP, has APS-C CMOS sensor, 5fps continuous shooting speed.Canon EOS 750D Digital Rebel T6i Reviews - TechSpot

It has the feature of Vari-angle touchscreen, has an in-built Wi-Fi or NFC, but it can’t match with D5600 quality.

  1. Nikon D3500- has 24.2 MP, has APS-C CMOS sensor, 5fps burst speed.Nikon D3500 DSLR Camera Body & 18 55mm Lens Kit|DSLR Cameras| - AliExpress

It has good 24MP sensor, has great image quality, has good/ impressive battery life, it connects with Bluetooth, but it has no touchscreen, no 4K video, no Wi-Fi connectivity.


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