DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods DLC release date. Main highlights and epic powers know more.


This month has seen the release of the first single-player DOOM Eternal DLC. Dubbed The Ancient Gods part one, id Software has revealed the teaser of this game, along with a promise to reveal more aspects in the Gamescom. The first day of Gamescom has revealed more features that The Ancient Gods has to offer. 

What is the release date of the Doom Eternal DLC The Ancient Gods Part One? | News Break

Id Software released a new trailer that shows the slayer player in action. The DOOM universe is seen in the teaser. It can be figured out that there may be an imbalance of power between gods in heaven. That makes the DOOM slayer take up arms and make the things right by slaughtering armies of demons. 

We can also see the DOOM slayer fighting with two Marauders, so for the fans of hardcore gaming, if one Marauder wasn’t enough in the DOOM eternal campaign. Then this will offer more challenging to you. 

Also, a point to be noted is that this version will be included in the Digital Deluxe Edition and also the Year One pass of the game. So, the owners of either of these things will have the privilege of getting their hands on DLC as soon as it releases. $29.99 will be the charge of Year One Pass that includes The Ancient Gods Part One and the DLC second (That can be assumed to be the Ancient Gods Part Two currently), you can also purchase DLC as a standalone product at the price of $19.99. 

At last, we all know that when the Ancient Gods part one be releasing, we will be learning more about the DLC on October 20. The time in between will surely lead to the release of more information about the product, but it has only a trailer for the fans right now. 

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Main highlights:

There was a doubt about the availability of the game for the people who don’t own the DOOM Eternal base game. It turns out that the new installment will be a standalone title. The people who don’t own Doom eternal will still have access to the game. The Ancient Gods was put forward to the users at the Gamescom this year. 

The Doom was first released in the market in 2016 and it was widely appreciated by the users for bringing back the glory of this decades-old franchise into the touch of the modern world. This game came with the updated top-class graphics and controls which was loved worldwide. 

The fact that Doom has released this new game as a standalone version will let the gamers to enjoy it without being purchased the base game. 

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