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The incident took place on the night of August 19, when the whole family was sleeping on the terrace of their residence in their Pathankot’s Thariyal village (Punjab).


According to the reports, it was almost midnight when some unidentified assailants entered the premises and attacked them with lethal weapons. The assailants are believed to be the members of ‘Kale Kachhewala’ gang, who attacked them with lethal weapons when they were in their sleep, with the intentions of robbery.

The deceased was identifies as a 58-year-old man, Ashok Kumar, Suresh Raina’s uncle. Reports also say that Asha Devi (sister of Raina’s father) is fighting for her life in the hospital. Raina’s cousins Kaushal Kumar (32-year-old) and Apin Kumar (24-year-old) also sustained injuries in the attack. Deceased Ashok Kumar’s 80-year-old mother also sustained serious injuries in the attack and is currently in the hospital.

Ashok Kumar’s death was confirmed by Pathankot Senior Superintendent of Police Gulneet Singh Khurana, earlier in the day.
According to the police claims, the robbers left with some cash and gold from the house, currently, the investigation has been paced after getting to know that the victims are close relatives of Suresh Raina. All the evidence from the crime scene has been collected by the police team and forensic experts. They also took the help of the dog squad in order to get any clue of the three/four robbers but failed.

“We are investigating the matter,” said the SSP. Earlier, they weren’t able to confirm the victim’s relationship with the cricketer.

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The case has taken a huge toll on the IPL situation when Chennai Super Kings (CSK) all-rounder Suresh Raina headed back to India on Saturday due to some personal reasons. However, it is still not clear whether this was the reason Raina pulled out of the tournament. Even though the cricketer has not passed out any official statement yet, it is suspected that Raina is set to miss the remainder of IPL this year. Thus, leaving another big concern and a major cause of worry for the cricket team. It will be difficult to find his replacement considering the Covid19 pandemic and the members who have already tested positive. Raina has remained a major part of the Chennai super kings team and was expected to lead Chennai’s batting in IPL 2020.
Basically, his absence could prove very costly for Chennai super kings as it will be difficult to find his replacement on such short notice.

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