A Forgotten Marvel Character Will Have the MOST IMPORTANT Role in Avengers 5, Find Out Who

Marvel Studios has already announced few amazing titles for Phase Four in Marvel Cinematic Universe. The phase includes the sequels of Spiderman, Thor, and newcomer Shang-Chii and Black Widow. But, the fourth phase doesn’t have the most popular title, where several superheroes join hands to fight a common threat. As you have already guessed, we are talking about the next Avengers movie.

While there isn’t any confirmation from the studio, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t working for it. Reports have already flooded, claiming a fifth Avengers movie is reportedly in the works at the Marvel Studios. The next Avengers would be a new era of superheroes, where young and new heroes will emerge and lead the team. Surely, new band of superheroes will keep on the legacy, but new threats could also emerge.

Avengers 5 will re-introduce the popular anti-hero!

A new report not only claims that the movie is in development but also claims that it would bring a forgotten anti-hero in the universe. The anti-hero is Namor, from the nation of Atlantis, hidden inside the Earth. Namor respectfully deserves a live-action appearance as it is amazingly famous in the Marvel Comics.

The superhero has a weird history in the Marvel Universe as he has been on both good and bad sides. He fought with the Avengers and later fought against them. Avengers’ battle against Namor is one of the celebrated story arcs in Marvel Comics. He has been the rival of Black Panther and holds some sort of grudge against him, as well with the Avengers.

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Namor does exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, thanks to the small detail told in Avengers: Endgame. While Avengers were trying to protect the Earth in the aftermath of Thanos-snapping, Okoye reported sudden earthquakes deep in the ocean. The earthquakes might have emerged from the hidden world of Atlantis, after suffering disturbance due to the snapping.

Namor could appear in the sequel of Black Panther before apparently appearing in Avengers 5, or it may happen quite opposite. AVenges 5 would most probably introduce Namor and he would later serve as the antagonist in Black Panther 2.

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