Ubisoft China Apologizes for Releasing Coffee Cup with Handle on the Inside: Here’s What The World Had To Say

Ubisoft is a gaming company. They have recently collaborated with a Chinese clothing company, Sheepedia. They have bought out a series of products related to the company. Unfortunately one of them did not go the way they wanted it to, and now, they are busy apologizing to everyone.

What Happened?

Ubisoft, in collaboration with Sheepedia, created a sleek looking mug. But due to what they called a ‘bug’ in the manufacturing process, the handle of the mug came inside out. The media and the public had quite a bit to say about this design.
Charge me naive, but when I heard about this cup for the very first time through one of my friends, I picked up my card. Later I realized it wasn’t the mug design, but a ‘manufacturing bug’. Unfortunately, they’ve now pulled it out of the stores. Sure, I was disappointed, but then I realized that it was a great marketing scheme, if on purpose. It got people talking and gave both the companies a huge exposure. Larger than any advertisement ever could.

What Is The World Saying?

The most prominent one out of all was none other than a very well known twitter personality, Daniel Ahmed.
“Ubisoft China is known for being a tongue throughout cheek, playing on the reputation of Ubisoft games, so it’s most likely this is just a virus-like marketing campaign and not a proper error,” Ahmed wrote.
According to Ahmed, the companies Sheepedia and Ubisoft apologized. They’ve now reportedly pulled out the mugs from the store shelves to avoid any further complications. Though somehow that is not what everyone wished for. Instead, they asked for the company to bring them back. As a novelty item of course. The broken mug isn’t a very practical thing in the mornings when all you want in a piping hot cup of coffee or tea.
Sheepedia responded saying that they’ve communicated the demand to the Ubisoft company. They are now in the process to get it approved by the owners in the company, in France to check if they’ll allow it.
The broken mugs might or might not come back as a novelty option. Regardless of that, we can all agree that the color scheme was simple yet elegant. It’s pretty clear that if the mug was boring vanilla white or a drab dark brown color, it wouldn’t have become what it is.
Other than this, Ubisoft is busy making perfect coffee/tea mugs for us, they’re also working on something else. They’ve revealed that they are working on preparing their display for Long Term Game Show. This can also feature games via 2K, Sega, along with other devs: big and small.
Believe it or not, Ubisoft is known for its weird memorabilia, and the mug isn’t one of them. (Hint: true heart in a bag).
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