Supercar Blondie showcases her 35 Million Dollars worth Mansion with Free Cars!

Supercar Blondie showcases her 35 Million Dollars worth Mansion with Free Cars!


Alexander Mary Darvell, popularly known as supercar blondie, has recently put her 35 million USD worth mansion on sale. The mansion is located in Dubai. But, this is not all. She has a very exquisite free gift for the buyers!

Who is Supercar Blondie?

Alexander Mary Darvell, aka, Supercar Blondie belongs to Australia and is a social media celebrity. Why is she famous?- because of her love for supercars. She makes videos and blogs about automobiles and posts them regularly on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. 

She studied Journalism and Business at the Queensland University of Technology and then worked as a journalist for 9 long years. After that, in 2018, she left her career and become a full-time social media influencer.


What does Supercar Blondie do?

She is a social media influencer creating content related to automobiles. Companies like Buggati and Ferrari also approach her to get their cars promoted. According to her, she provides insights into the world of supercars and the experience of driving those incredible cars for fun. 

Glancing at the list of her accomplishments, Alex is the first person to drive the Devel Sixteen, the first person to shoot the Veneno Roadster, has a Lamborghini names Lucy, and not to forget, She is the highest-paid automotive Instagrammer. 

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What’s new? Supercar Blondie showcases her 35 million USD worth mansion with free cars!


Supercar Blondie uploaded a video on her YouTube channel “My 35 Million Ultimate Dream Mansion” on August 26, 2020. She is looking forward to a buyer and has promised to provide a complimentary gift along with it.

What is a gift? Well, its a Ferrari and a Rolls Royce. Yes, you heard it right. She will be giving two cars free of cost to the one who buys the mansion. 

In the video, Alex gave a tour of the entire mansion which left her 4.27M subscribers in awe. Her mansion is fully furnished with the most beautiful interior one could for. And she also mentioned that “everything is designer” in it with the worth of her living room furniture being half a million dollars. Apart from the furniture, she has a wall of champagne worth 100,000 Dollars will also be given away along with the house. It sounds way too exciting, isn’t it? 


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