Samsung’s new line-up of QLED TV

Samsung has been the largest TV manufacturer in the world for quite a long time now. And why not, their TVs have an excellent screen, looks beautiful, has great features and is also among the most innovative pieces of tech out there. Every year Samsung announces some new TVs and everyone gets excited for them because..well because they are Samsung.

And this year too, Samsung has a cool new line-up of brilliant TVs coming out pretty soon and here in this article, I am going to talk about a few of them.

Samsung Sero

Samsung Sero

Samsung’s Sero is quite a unique TV because it can rotate vertically. Samsung says it is part of its new lifestyle TV line-up. Samsung is aiming towards the millennial and the Gen-Z who love their mobile. The vertical screen can be useful to watch Instagram, Snapchat ,or Tiktok (if it’s available in your country). One demerit is that you can’t mount it on a wall.

Samsung’s 8K QLED TV

This 8K TV of Samsung might just be the most beautiful thing you have ever looked at. It has almost zero bezels and when you put an 8K content on that screen it’s just gorgeous. However, the biggest problem of this TV lied in the fact that it’s 8K because there isn’t much 8K content available right now. So, most of the 8K stuff is just $K content which is upscaled by the AI.

Samsung’s Frame TV

Frame TV isn’t exactly a new model but Samsung is bringing some new features. For, those who don’t know, The Frame is another Lifestyle series TV from Samsung with its up being that you can hang it on a wall like a normal photo frame. You can interchangeable frames that will make your TV look like a normal photo frame instead of just a black box. The 2020 model comes with new a color for the bezel (or the frame). It is available in six different sizes and all have 4K QLED display with just the 32-inch model sporting a 1080p FHD display but the 32-inch model is the only one that can be hung in the landscape as well as portrait mode.

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So, these are some of the new Samsung TVs that are coming soon. Seen anything you like, do let us know in the comment section below.

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