Fortnite- How to find Quinjet Patrols

The new season of Fortnite has brought some cool new features to the game and one of them is the new challenge. Wherein, you have to eliminate Stark Robots.

Where is Stark Robots present

Stark Robots are present at Quinjet Patrol landing sites. If you remember the henchmen from earlier seasons, these Stark Robots are just like them. Make sure you are well-armed as these Stark Robots are always present in a group. And they will open fire at you as soon as they spot you. Once you have knocked a Stark Robot, you can either hack it to make it an ally or you can kill it to get a Stark Industries Energy Rifle. I would actually advise you to not hack as converting them to an ally doesn’t add any value to the challenge

pic credit-Fortnite Events

Where are Quinjet Patrol’s Landing Sites

So, where to find these Quinjet Patrol. The tricky thing about them is that they are never present at the same location in each game. So, there is no fixed spot to always land at. However, you can actually understand where they are in two different ways. One is, try to find a blue smoke, this smoke indicates a Quinjet. And the second option, which is the better option, by the way, is to find small, a plane like icons on the map.

Some advice before you go to a Quinjet. Don’t land at the exact spot. First, land a bit far, collect weapons, and then go and fight them. And after you finish all the robots make sure to shoot down the drone circling above, to get some rare or if you are lucky, even mythical weapons.

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