Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: Where To Find New Mysterious Claw Marks, How to Investigate and Map

Fortnite Season 2

Chapter 4 is here! And this time it’s the Marvel Superheroes is attacking the world of Fortnite. This new chapter of Fortnite revolves around marvel superheroes and the Nexus War. Players now have new locations to discover, and new weapons as well! The storyline for this new Fortnite update revolves around the menacing doom Galactus arrival. The players get to watch the superheroes land on the Fortnite island. Wolverine has come to prowl in Battle Pass 4 as well X- Men, Avengers, and a couple of villains.

For the very first week, as a part of the Wolverine challenges in Season 2, Chapter 4, the players have to investigate “Mysterious Claw Marks” This is one of the minimum six challenges of the Wolverine chapter, each of which will unlock weekly, along with regular weekly challenges. Another surprise that is hidden as the player completes these weekly challenges is that the players can unlock various wolverine cosmetics, and the one and only wolverine skin which will help them become an in-game wolverine, and what better thing could a Fortnite and a wolverine fan ask for?

Berserker Barrage Spray- Reward for the finding the three claw marks.

There’s a rumor which says Wolverine has been moving through the weeping woods therefore that would be the perfect place to start the search. To investigate these claw marks, you just need to get close to them, no need to interact.

Claw Marks:

Wolverine is leaving its marks and it is our turn to investigate them in exchange for them Berserker Barrage Spray! There is an image of a map after every claw mark to help you know exactly where to find these claw marks, so fret not, we’ve got you covered.

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Claw Mark One:

The first one is here, this place is relatively easy to find ith the help of the map, so we won’t be explaining any further.

Claw Mark Two:

Once you are at this place, keep going right until you locate a small pond, which has a bush and a stone on top of each other, the second claw mark is at the bottom of the stone. Something like the above picture.

Claw Mark Three

Keep going further right, and you’ll reach the trailer park of weeping woods. A blue and purple caravan will be spotted, behind which, to the left, a green one can be spotted. The third and the final mysterious claw mark can be spotted on there.

Congratulations! once you’ve completed the challenge after investigation those claw marks, a pop will show up indicating you’ve completed those challenges, and need to wait for a week for another challenge (Depending on when you’ve completed the challenge).

A tip, wait for a time when no battle buses are flying over your head while you’re in weeping woods, so you don’t have to worry about your head blowing off while you’re on the claw mark hunt.

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