Fluent City: Unique in its Own Right

Current pandemic:

The ongoing pandemic, courtesy of the Corona Virus, has led to our normal life being put into a tantrum. The pandemic has affected the normalcy in every possible way, starting from our daily errand.

One such thing which has taken a huge hit due to the pandemic is travelling. Travelling helps one gain a lot in terms of language, culture, and many more. Even a trip to a country like Mexico or Spain helps one to learn a touch of Spanish or French.

There are some online language-learning resources available to get accustomed to a new language. One such language-learning platform is Fluent City.


Fluent City, what?

An online learning platform, Fluent City uses real-life scenarios coupled with grammar and vocabulary to help people around the world gain an understanding of other languages. Fluent City offers language classes in 11 different languages, wherein, native English speakers can learn the following languages, namely,

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Hebrew
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Versatile nature:

Fluent City offers group classes as well as a personalized one-on-one program for a more sophisticated learning experience. Both options use Zoom for an interactive session with the teachers.

Fluent City can be accessed by logging-on to the website, Fluentcity.com, where the details regarding the learning are explained in a detailed manner.

Fluent City uses Artificial Intelligence coupled with real-life experiences for concentrating on grammar and vocabulary lessons.

Group teaching:

Group classes have a scheduled start date and time periods, which cannot be changed. Based on skill level, students are provided with various learning modules and activities. The teachers and students have an interactive session by making use of the chatbox.

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In the case of a one-on-one subscription program, one enjoys the freedom of learning at their own relaxed pace. The students get to schedule their lectures with different teachers based on their leisure. In addition to this, the students of this program get access to Fluent City’s resource library and learning module.

Group lessons can be had at a price of $399 per course. Beginner courses consist of a total of 10 sessions and meet for two hours at a time, once a week. A total of 20 sessions with two sessions per week, each of one hour at a time, complete the Advanced course package.

One-one-one lessons start at $49 per month, depending on the number of lessons the student wants to pursue per month:

  • 1 lesson – $49 per month
  • 4 lessons – $199 per month
  • 8 Lessons – $299 per month
  • 12 lessons – $399 per month


Fluent City offers a unique experience by having an interactive session between the students and the teacher, thereby offering a stupendous level of knowledge on grammar and vocabulary lessons.

The one-on-one subscription program is an added advantage over competitors like Rype, which also lies in a similar price range. This added flexibility allows the students to make a timetable of their own, without disrupting their regular schedule.

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