F- Secure Protection 


Providing consumers with another excellent solution that has the potential to take over the antivirus market by a storm. Most popular among the business companies for the protection of their private network devices. F-Secure is not a very cheap option to use as a home device software with no professional use. Moreover, if anyone has some extra money in their pockets and is more concerned with the security then they need to check out the latest F-Secure antivirus. 

F-Secure comes under the category of some of the most powerful and trusted antivirus software available in the market. With some little modifications and updates in the features along with a decrease in price. The F-Secure can reign as the king of antivirus software in the market. But, hitting the top spot for this software as of now is not possible. 

In terms of protection of devices, F-Secure provides all the basic needs for the protection of the operating system, Windows 7 and above. F-Secure Total and F-Secure Safe are some other options that assure the customer to keep their windows and macOS devices safe and well protected along with the protection of mobile devices. 

Highlighted features:

F-Secure contains all the essential features needed in antivirus software, but still, all the advanced features are provided by the more premium versions of F-Secure, like the F-Secure Safe and the F-Secure Total versions. The premium version even having the additional features is far from competing with software like Kaspersky Antivirus.

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The desktop app of this version has some user-friendly tools. That is including the quarantine list, blocked websites, and the turn off button for the antivirus. These features require administrator permissions hence, the won’t interfere with the security systems already installed in your device. 


Another one of the tools available for the desktop application is the automatic ability that submits the malware report to the F-Secure research team. The tool works by opening a webpage that allows the user to enter URL or attach a file that may be suspected for malware or any other threat. By attachment of files which are about 30MB in size. 

F- Secure antivirus will keep you protected from most of the malware, and the protection of ransomware is also available in the more premium versions of this software. 

Browsing protection:

The browsing extension of F-Secure also defines the user-friendly nature of this software. The extension feature is provided by almost all antivirus software around the world, and F-Secure also has developed a fairly good extension. The browsing protection works when you are browsing, and keep you protected during your internet surfing time. Also, the extension can block restricted websites and protect you from downloading malware. With the absence of the browser extension, your device remains vulnerable to online attacks that make it very necessary to have an extension in your browser. The use of the extension becomes more beneficial rather than using a dedicated browser for protection.

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