Amazon new fitness tracker: Halo fitness band and App: HELLO TO THE NEW HALO

Amazon (the online giant) recently unveiled a wristband that prioritizes health more than anything. It goes beyond tracking fitness activities, to making a 3D model of your body and scanning your emotions.

The part that makes this band unique is that it has got no visible screen and the fact that Amazon is trying to make its own place in the industry. The band uses amazon’s detailed expertise in AI to offer the users a new way of adapting to wellness habits.



The halo band costs $99 (7246 INR) + services for advanced features cost $3.99(300 INR).


SUBSCRIPTION7246 INR (including 6 months free subscription) afterward 300INR/ month.
BATTERYUp to 7 days (when tone disabled) and up to 2 days (when tone enabled).
BLUETOOTHBluetooth 5.0 compatible
AUDIOTwo built-in microphones
WARRANTY1 year limited warranty
INCLUDED INBOXSensor, band, USB charging clip, and Quick Start Guide


The two features that make this band stand out are body and tone. As seen, the band uses the phone camera to make a 3D model of our body and then calculate the body fat, moreover, it uses the microphone to listen to our voice and detect our emotions.

The body scans works with four photos of the user taken in tight-fitting clothes, which then make up the 3D body model. Once the scans are ready, amazon uses the machine to calculate the body fat percentage, it contains all the information about your health and the risk factors. The band can be used by anyone above the age of 13 but the body scan feature can only be used above the age of 18.

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The microphones in the band come to use for the tone feature, which is designed to analyze the energy. Our voice and to assess how happy, sad, tired, or excited they sound. To protect the privacy of speech and other issues, the feature can be turned off with the help of the button on the side of the wrist band.


Amazon claims that it was very careful with the user data. The data will be easy to delete whenever the user wants. The tone and body feature can be turned off easily too. The system has been designed in such a way that no human reviewers can ever see the user’s body scans or any personal details.

The voice recordings will locally be analyzed on our phone and then deleted once done, this data is never sent to the cloud.

As clarified by amazon, our halo profile will be different and distinct from our amazon account. Also, our personal data can be downloaded, deleted, or reset to zero at any point in time. Therefore, all the protective measures are taken care of by Amazon.

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