What is Kodi? Guide, How to Setup, Installation and Everything You need to Know about it

Everyone enjoys binge-watching their favourite shows, movies, and listening songs in a seamless media player with several features and eye-grabbing interface. Many media player cannot provide that, but there is one such media player, which will take your media playing game one step above. Such a media player to watch shows and movies, or your favourite sports in the best way is Kodi Player.

So, what is Kodi Player?

Basically, Kodi Player is an open-source, free media player application software. The media player stands amazingly to uplift the experience of home entertainment. Kodi Player appeared back in 2002 and has been around strongly and impressed many users all around the globe. Initially, the player was known as Xbox Media Player. The developers then changed the name to the Xbox Media Center in 2003 and continued calling it until 2013.

The XBMC Foundation has been developing and upgrading the media player and delivering an amazing media playing experience to the fans. They are also responsible for renaming the media player to Kodi Player in 2014. The best part about the player is that it works on different platforms, operating systems, and thousands of devices. A user can store, watch, and also stream media contents from around the world at your house.

Now, Kodi features the installation of addons or builds, which enables users to customize your Kodi Player’s interface of your likeness freely. You can run Kodi Player on your TV, laptop, smartphones, tablets, and many more. The developers have now created an interface that supports your Raspberry Pi, as well. You can enhance your Kodi Player experience, but the player doesn’t contain any contents out of the box.

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What can you do in Kodi?

You can do a wide variety of stuff in Kodi from watching videos, listening songs, and streaming media contents from the internet. Watching these media contents is super easy and relaxing in the service, thanks to the player’s amazing friendly interface. So, if you have your content on your hard drive or your laptop, then you can import in the Kodi. Once the import is complete, the player automatically adds posters and trailers. You can also add fan art, video extras, and behind the scenes for your content title.

Now, there are several add-ons available that will help in doing much more stuff than watching a content imported from your local disk. With the addons, you can catch a Live TV and watch hundreds of programs broadcasted across various networks. Kodi Player enables a user to save their favourite channels or shows on the player. You can record live TV and watch wherever and whenever you want.

Since it can do a lot of stuff, people are curious whether the service is legal or not. Kodi is absolutely legal. But it can be illegal depending upon how you use the service. We have talked that its friendly user interface is customizable and the user can install add-ons. Here’s the catch: Using simply Kodi isn’t illegal, but installing add-ons, which support tons of pirated contents, can make things illegal.

Kodi Setup Guide: Installation

Kodi is available across various operating system and the installation may vary based on the OS. But the basic deal may be the same across these various OS. The installation process in the popular OS is mentioned below.

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Android and iOS

Kodi Player is easily available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. But, running the player on your android phone, you need to be on Android 5.0 or later. As for iOS, your iPhones and iPads should be jailbroken to run the media player smoothly. Kodi Player also smoothly runs in Apple TVs, either the first, second, or fourth-generation.


To install Kodi player on your Windows computer or laptop, you can do the same by two processes. The first one is searching Kodi Player in Windows Store and then downloading it. But first, you need to login through your Microsoft account to be able to download the application. The other process is much simpler. You just have to go on the official website of Kodi Player and download the version compatible for your windows. After downloading, just install the software, and your player will launch after that.


You can download the software by navigating through the official download site of the player. Kodi player can be downloaded after clicking on the MacOS option in the download site. You can easily download the app, but to install it, your MacOS should be the latest version – Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or newer.


The download process is also same for the Linus, but you need to have Intel Pentium 4 or newer on your system. Furthermore, the system also needs a free 4 GB space and latest graphics card.

Firestick and Fire TV

Kodi is now available in Firestick and Fire TV as well. You can download, install and run Kodi easily with these simpler steps. Of course, there are many ways to install Kodi on your Firestick and Fire TV, but we will go with the easier way.

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First things first, you need a downloader in your Firestick and Fire TV. The downloader will allow you to download various application software, including Kodi. To download the downloader, navigate through the universal search bar in Fire TV, and then simply search for downloader. You then install it. A user also has to allow installation from unknown sources to be able to download it. The main reason for doing this is that we are not downloading Kodi from the official Amazon download store.

After successfully installing and running downloader, you have to paste the official download site of the Kodi. You now have to select the right version compatible for your Fire TV and then download it. Now, install the software, and after sometimes, the player will launch.

Kodi add-ons

There are numerous add-ons available for the Kodi app. The popular add-ons that people mostly install are YouTube, Twitch, Hulu and Netflix. There are a master list add-ons that contains all the popular titles so that you don’t need to search for each one.



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