Vimeo Video Downloader | How to Download from Vimeo, Guide & More

Vimeo is basically a video sharing and streaming platform similar to YouTube. YouTube has always been the leading video sharing and streaming platform. But, in any case, if you are looking for the best alternative where you can control your videos and community, Vimeo is the best option. Vimeo users often claim that the platform has more customization than other video streaming platforms.

Many believe Vimeo is the source of more artistic videos, that cannot be found on YouTube. Vimeo’s community has garnered more than 70,000,000 members worldwide and the numbers are still rising. The latest reports claim that almost 170 million people are monthly watching the content on the platform. Even though the platform has a smaller audience than YouTube, Vimeo features the professional video makers and their high-quality productions.

However, the users have limitation while uploading their videos in the platform. This reason has caused only a professional and passionate video maker to upload and promote their content on the platform. If you want the viewers to watch your video, you can upload publicly, but if you want to upload for your personal reasons and for future use, then you can upload privately.

Vimeo supports 8K videos, but uploading 8K videos on a basic free membership is useless, as it quickly eats your available data storage quota. A user, who has the basic freemium membership can upload only 500 MB of data every week. Furthermore, even you upload within the weekly quota, you have the total storage of only 5 GB. The videos uploaded on the platform can be password protected –a feature that YouTube doesn’t provide.

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Download Video from Vimeo

Some videos are amazingly eye-grabbing that we want to hold on permanently. We want such videos to download on our storage devices and watch offline anytime we wish. Vimeo doesn’t support the video download option, but there are many ways you can download them on your external devices. Some creators don’t want you to download their videos while some enable a download button on the specific videos. But, if you like those videos, which the creators don’t want you to download, you can obviously download through various downloader.

The easiest and straightforward method to download Vimeo videos is by downloading them through Vimeo Video Downloader. Vimeo Video Downloader can be web applications in the websites, simply a website, a smartphone app or a windows/mac application software.

How to download Vimeo Videos?

You can download videos through several online websites that allow you to download Vimeo videos. The first step is to copy the video link from Vimeo. You can click on the URL box in browsers and copy the video link address. On Vimeo mobile app, you can tap on the three dots next to the video and tap on share option that pops up.

Now, you have to go to google and search ‘Vimeo Video Downloader’ on the internet. You can find several websites, but we will use Small SEO Tools’ video downloader. Click on the link, https://smallseotools.com/vimeo-video-downloader/ and paste the video link address on Enter Video URL, available at the website.

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After pasting the video link, you have to click on the Download Video button available just below the link field. Wait for the results for some seconds, and a new field appears that includes the video’s preview, size, and quality. Please choose the suitable quality and hit download, but next to it, the download process will begin shortly. After the completion of the download process, you can watch the video anytime, anywhere on your external storage device.

But remember! Such websites cannot possibly download paywalled content. It requires more technical knowledge to pull out such contents, and it’s better to watch online through the official Vimeo app and web site.



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