BMW M3 Touring, 2022 know all about this beast.

BMW M3 Touring, 2022

BMW had recently released a massive teaser of an aesthetic looking supercar which drew the attention of the loyal BMW users and many car enthusiasts towards it. The teaser was of its all-new and powerful M3 touring. BMW did release a spy video of the car.

The teaser reveals very little and forces us to imagine what the prototype probably looks like. As of now, BMW has been surprisingly quiet and confidential about the details of the much-awaited M3. Mystery surrounds the car. In early 2000 BMW had built a prototype of the M3 which was wistfully disapproved. The wait for the M3 has been long and hard however as they say “good things come to those who wait.”

BMW M3 Touring, 2022 know all about this beast.

The Good The Bad and The Ugly

The M3 is unlikely to be released before late 2022 despite its popularity. The BMW M3 does contain certain new and irresistible features, yet it does seem to have certain cons. According to sources BMW may release much more information in late September 2020.

Engine and features

The one place wherein BMW never ceases to amaze us the engine of the M3 seems to be equally fascinating. However not much is known about it. The new BMW M3 will as expected boast of a powerful 473 BHP engine and possibly a 503 BHP engine for the competition version.

BMW M3 Touring, 2022 know all about this beast.

It packs 6, 3-litre cylinders which are twin-turbocharged and suit all kinds of driving and drivers. The breathability provided by the car is next to none.  A strong and versatile engine suits the look of the car, of which we have just been blessed to see only a few glimpses.

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BMW has provided us with both the 2 wheels and the 4 wheel drive option which takes into account the demands of both the newer generation and the older one. This choice provided by BMW may seem small and insignificant however this may turn out to be a gamechanger

Beauty, beast or both?

Despite having many great features accompanied by an all-powerful engine and strong body, the much anticipated and awaited M3 does seem to contains a small list of flaws.

Firstly, the BMW M3 has not lost its confrontational big grilled face. This was lost in its previous generation. This move was much appreciated by some and many felt that the BMW was alienating the new models. The big grille tradition which has been continued which seems to evoke mixed reactions.

BMW M3 Touring, 2022 know all about this beast.

Secondly and much to the disappointment of a lot of us the BMW M3 model may not be as mass-produced as its counterparts like the M3 sedan or the all classic M4.

Finally, the M3 is going to be a great product and provide us with a fantastic drive. It carries the burden of a massive company known to produce the worlds finest cars. That being said there might be some changes with the design which certain people may not like too much. The M3 will be a quality drive however one cannot say for certain whether it will be able to create ripples through the universe. The M3 in all probability will be released by 2022.

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