Johnny Depp May Return in Pirates of the Caribbean 6 after ‘cash demand’ by the actor

The recent reports claim that the legendary Johnny Depp might be returning to play his iconic character in the upcoming instalment of the Pirates of the Caribbean. Disney dropped the actor from the sixth instalment after his former wife accused him of perpetrating domestic violence. Fans were devastated and later started a campaign to bring back Depp after various evidence proved Depp might be innocent.

While there is no solid confirmation on the news but Johnny Depp is looking for a return in the popular swashbuckling franchise. Depp doesn’t have a problem whether the mouse house cast him in future, but he desperately wants a final film for a proper conclusion. The actor also asked for a hefty paycheck after feeling vindicated from the false allegations. He now expects that the production company will cast him for a final outing after cash demand.

It is certain that Disney doesn’t have a long-term plan for the actor, but the fans want to see Johnny Depp one last time. Story-wise, a final Jack Sparrow appearance is most to conclude his story. Jack Sparrow has been on the franchise since the inception, and the character has been a vital part in the franchise’s success. Over the past few years, the swashbuckling movies haven’t been doing good, and the quality has been degrading. If it wasn’t for Depp’s character, the movie had probably gone down the drain.

A new reboot film or a sequel without Jack Sparrow would certainly become a disaster at the box office. Some fans have even threatened cancelling the upcoming film if it doesn’t feature Johnny Depp.

Disney recently cast Suicide Squad actress Margot Robbie to star as a lead in the upcoming Pirates film. The production company also hired Bird of Prey writer, Christina Hodson, as a screenwriter of the upcoming film. A separate report also claimed that the studio is considering to cast Karen Gillen as a female lead. These are the different forthcoming projects, but nobody knows which actress will lead on the sixth instalment.

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