Dr Disrespect Has OFFICIALLY Returned To Streaming, But On YouTube

After Tyler Blevins, aka Ninja, returned streaming on Twitch, another popular streamer, Dr. Disrepsect, has made his comeback on streaming. Dr. Disrespect will be streaming for the first time after his permanent ban from Twitch. However, Twitch has never mentioned the ban was permanent, but Dr. Disrespect mentioned that he wouldn’t be returning to Twitch.

Now, it looks like the popular streamer has found a way to keep up with his huge fan following. Dr. Disrescpect tweeted on August 6, confirming his return to streaming. The tweet contained the link to his official YouTube channel. Later that day, he started a live stream, but the video titled Dr. Disrespect – The 2x Champion showed a lopping video of a gas station. The gas station is a custom made Champions Club gas station.

Guy Beahm will officially start streaming on his YouTube channel at 3 pm EDT, on August 7, 2020. This would mark his official return to stream after 42 days of Twitch ban. Amazon-owned video game live streaming platform banned Dr. Disrecpect due to the reasons that are still unknown.

The ban came after the streamer had a multi-year exclusive streaming deal with the platform in March. Twitch mentioned that they banned Beahm from the platform after they discovered a series of evidence against the streamer violating Twitch’s community guidelines. The ban came in the wake of numerous reports submitted to gaming platforms for harassment, bullying, and racism.

As of now, Dr. Disrespect doesn’t have any kind of deal with YouTube. He is just returning to continue streaming and get back to his public. Sources close to the streamer previously reported that he is negotiating his options with Facebook Gaming. He would first experiment with other platforms, especially Facebook Gaming, before signing a proper deal. Beahm is also experimenting on his own personal website, the Champions Club.

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Twitch Ban

Dr. Disrespect himself doesn’t know what triggered the ban. He tweeted that the video-streaming platform hasn’t explained the reason for his permanent ban. Fans previously thought the reason was either copyright infringement or a DMCA. However, eSports journalist Rod Breslau reported that both weren’t the case. He mentioned that he knew but couldn’t share; however, he hinted that the reason was horrifying.

This wasn’t the first time the 38-year-old internet personality came into such a situation. Twitch previously banned his channel after E3 bathroom controversy. While he was at 2019’s E3, he entered the public bathroom and did IRL streaming. Entertainment Software Association later invalidated his pass and banned him from attending the event. However, Twitch later reinstated the suspension after two weeks from the event.



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